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ヤクバハイルについて騙ろう 3人目

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"Ruiz ... ..., you, you were pretty ... ... but if you do your best you can do it"
"What, it is not cute"
"Or, it's pretty. It's as if it is Lemon."
"It's not Lemon-chan, is that Lemon-chan?"
"Skin is smooth, Les レ レ, Lemon-chan"

I am crazy, while my lips are crawling on the neck of Louise, the talent mutters. Because the brain is already a flower garden, the talent himself did not understand what he was saying.

"Daddy ...... Because I'm so impatient of the site to do such things ... ... ... Stopped ......"
"Wow, this is more lemon, I guess this is something extraordinary to lemon."
"Huh ... .... Well, I do not quite understand it, are they really Lemon-chan?"
"That's right. Let's say embarrassingly Lemon-chan is embarrassing."

It is a spoiled speech of a gifted person who exceeds the level of being boiled by the unit of light years, but since Ruiz is also quite a roots, it sounded romantic somewhat.
Or, once it came, once in a while, Ruiz was OK. The neighborhood's hobbies are awful a bit worse than the talent.

"Les, Lemon-chan is ashamed ... ...."

And, he said. The cheeks were dyed in red and half-open their mouths with casual eyes, Louise told such a thing, so the talent got excited fiercely.

"Cute! Lemon-chan is cute! Seriously, it's cute!"! Then it's stuff sorted out!
Is not it clothing or an obstacle? Is not it a dont you hide your charm? "

And when a gifted person puts his finger on the button of a shirt of Louise while spitting out a line which is not said in a third-century photographer now ......

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ヤクバハイルについて騙ろう 3人目