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1名無しさん@おーぷん:2016/01/10(日)18:17:39 ID:WDm()
22 :2016/04/13(水)20:55:51 ID:l2A
23名無しさん@おーぷん :2016/04/15(金)10:32:45 ID:XMg
Find someone's answer that is not convincing enough and go
make a question post at reddit or something. If any answers are
made, I go back 2ch hanging the answer, and show it off.
That's my routine.
241 :2016/04/15(金)11:45:55 ID:qcp
My bedding is being aired outside.
I'm watching, because it's really windy.
251 :2016/04/16(土)14:55:07 ID:XLf
Today I learned the word canopy.
261 :2016/04/16(土)17:42:38 ID:2OC
Trying to make reading English written newspaper a routine, but
there are so many new words to look up in the dictionary.
271 :2016/04/17(日)12:47:11 ID:BQR
a word, designate
281 :2016/04/20(水)19:20:17 ID:U1F
The dinner is dumplings. 52 of them waiting to be grilled, it is already past seven.
29名無しさん@おーぷん :2016/05/13(金)23:50:56 ID:gkk
I found this thread today.
I want to speak English well.
I am interested in the matter,Panama Papers,these days.
It is the very big issue for all peoples who live in the
capitalist society.

Thank you.
30名無しさん@おーぷん :2017/08/10(木)21:25:24 ID:wn7
In your worlds of simpleness, the motives behind my actions and choices are mercilessly
simplified or altered to fit how you want to characterize me.
I tried to explain them as they were twice or thrice
but couldn't get my points through to you due to my lack of brain.
I was surprised when I found out that you still took those words as something
despite my attempts to discourage that.
So I also had to resort to simplification to make my points clear.
Sorry about that. And sorry for having been misleading.
You have already decided how you want me to think in your world
and will intend to keep building up your confirmation bias against me.
I can't do nothing about that. You are probably right about
me being unlikeable. But you are wrong in some details.
31名無しさん@おーぷん :2018/03/11(日)20:16:09 ID:5LY
Dear W
Hello there.
I want to make sure not hustling with dumbbells at night
doesn't have a significant effect in cushioning
the swing of mood.
If it does, can it alone affect my sleep?
Also thank you for talking with me back then and sorry if I
came off as rude.
I really loved your humors.

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