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Branch of United Takuya

1拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m:2015/09/26(土)06:54:07 ID:ANn()
Has made for congress of United Takuya to promote open's quality

All members who belong on my organization must be speaker

And I huv another reason y I made up ,which is to contact 4ch
2拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)06:58:13 ID:ANn()
First of all, I must gather guys who could be soldier and be shoulder to shoulder with us
3拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)06:58:23 ID:ANn()
Anyone here?
4拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:00:01 ID:ANn()
I major in speaking and be famous in VIP as a kotehan
However, u guys should not be afraid of me lol
Just huv a relax and easy going
5拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:00:16 ID:ANn()
6拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:04:56 ID:ANn()
Fucking cold
7拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:05:58 ID:ANn()
Btw this thread is existing for member of my organization so guy without members are out right away
8拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:08:23 ID:ANn()
Following as sentence I wrote before, guys who wanna be or obey me could stay here and write
9名無しさん@おーぷん :2015/09/26(土)07:08:29 ID:XYq
Do you intend has continued to indefinitely trifles?
It does not appear to be embarrassed and alive?
10拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:08:39 ID:ANn()
I meant make ur opinion u wanna say
11拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:10:26 ID:ANn()
Hello niggar
Open niggar lol
Anyway it is ur opinion and faith
No matter wat u r thinking to me
12拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:11:55 ID:ANn()

But keep silent

Hoe come u guys came
13拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:12:05 ID:ANn()
14拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:13:12 ID:ANn()
Hey speak
15拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:13:57 ID:ANn()
I don wanna waste my time due to fucking vipper
16拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:15:52 ID:ANn()
Boring time
17名無しさん@おーぷん :2015/09/26(土)09:17:27 ID:vUP
18名無しさん@おーぷん :2015/09/26(土)12:57:37 ID:ja9
Go blow job yourself.
19名無しさん@おーぷん :2015/09/26(土)13:04:41 ID:cey
Your explanation is not acceptable.
20拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)15:38:08 ID:ANn()
All u said don't make a sense back lol
21名無しさん@おーぷん :2015/09/26(土)17:11:27 ID:tAk
Let him who would move the world, first move himself.
22名無しさん@おーぷん :2015/09/26(土)17:12:59 ID:y09
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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