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The reason I came here is that…

1拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m:2015/09/26(土)06:48:32 ID:ANn()
I wanna dominate here and ki"" all of Indian

Make a choice, be slave or die

way to keep staying in this is that u guys obey me or suicide

All u must do right away is heard and ordered

But I give one way to active free here or other places, which is to be solder of united Takuya
2拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)06:55:33 ID:ANn()
No one is here
Wat the fucking place here is
3拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)06:56:15 ID:ANn()
But everything is gonna be cool cuz of immigration from VIP or 4ch
4名無しさん@おーぷん :2015/09/26(土)07:05:19 ID:XYq
Do you intend has continued to indefinitely trifles?
It does not appear to be embarrassed and alive?
5拓也ん子ちゃん◆TAKUYAAAIo2m :2015/09/26(土)07:12:52 ID:ANn()
Fuck off
6名無しさん@おーぷん :2015/09/26(土)07:16:18 ID:XYq
Disagreeable You what Fuck off

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The reason I came here is that…